About Me

I'm a fantasy illustrator and concept artist from Scotland.  I grew up loving Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, fairytales, coloured pencils and Microsoft Paint, which proved to be a fateful combination.

Eventually I graduated to Photoshop (I never ditched the coloured pencils, although I did start buying the fancier ones) and at some point while playing Final Fantasy, I realised that there might actually be a career in digital art.  A few years later I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Computer Arts and now I work as a full time 2D artist for the MMORPG Eldevin.

My day job involves painting everything from loading screens and promotional art to concept and creature design, website graphics, and keeping the local Starbucks in business.  At night I switch to hot chocolate and work on personal art, the occasional commission, e-book covers and world domination. 

When I'm not painting or talking about painting, I watch my favourite movies, read, collect more art prints and books than I have space for, work out, and continue my quest to prove that cinnamon and cocoa go with absolutely everything.