Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WIP Wednesdays!

The more time that slips away between blog posts, the greater the pressure. The next post must be epic.  Awe-inspiring.  Witty and dazzling in its brilliance, otherwise the long wait is completely unjustifiable.  Unfortunately unless someone is holding a gun or a paycheck to my head, my response to pressure is to run away into the arms of Tumblr or Pinterest, because checking out other people's pretty pictures is 1) vaguely passable as "research and inspiration" and 2) way easier than talking about my own.

It's very easy to succumb to inertia when your mental energy is low - which happens, and often, when you are lucky enough to work a job when you have to be creative for 8+ hours a day and then come home and KEEP being creative.  Then when your brain finds you again, suddenly inertia and bad habits are monsters that need to be slain. And then you need to write an Oscar winning blog post. And so you avoid it.  And then realise it was October when you last posted and there really is nothing in the world so awesome that you could realistically bluff and say, "Yes, this totally took me since October to write!" 

I probably could have summed up the above two paragraphs by saying, "Writer's block. Sorry." 

Anyway, I am so out of practice that I am not going to pretend that I am going to be producing rock-your-socks-off material on a weekly basis from this moment forward. That would be a fib. Also, I would probably never use the phrase rock-your-socks-off seriously.

But a weekly WIP post? I could do that.  That's a nice, realistic little goal. I can just throw up whatever I'm currently working on in whatever stage it happens to be in. If I haven't worked on something new in a week, then Thor knows I have a full "WIP" folder on my hard drive.  And it only takes a few minutes.

Plus, WIP Wednesdays has a fun ring to it.

If you've ever watched me on Ustream/Livestream probably don't recognise this at all, because I keep changing it and it bears almost no resemblence to the original concept.  Mini-goal of the moment - getting this finished by the end of the month!

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